Monday, August 2, 2010

Free Trip to Europe!

With my first post, I'm going to share with you the secrets for how you can get a free trip to Europe.  Here are the secrets u have been searching for.

1. Sign up for the American Airlines (AA) CitiBank Visa.   Currently they are running a couple of promos that are valid through 10/31/10 for 1st time Citi AA customers that can get you 75k or 100k:

*100,000 miles: 50,000 miles after $750 in purchases within 4 months, and another 50,000 miles after $10,000 in purchases within 12 months, no fee the first year
Citi Visa - 100k Sign-up Bonus
Citi Business Visa - 100k Sign-up Bonus

*75,000 miles after $1500 in purchases within 6 months, no fee the first year
Citi Visa - 75k Sign-up Bonus
Citi Business Visa - 75K Bonus

These offers are being sent via email and I have searched long and far for the links and have posted them here.  The details about these offers are not included on the links, but if you want to do further research check out the Flyer Talk Forum.
FlyerTalk buzzing over 75k AA sign-up Bonus

You only need 40K for Saver reward to Europe.  For 70K you can upgrade to 1st class on one leg.  Do this for you and your travel partner and you can get to free flights to Euruope from the US.

2. Sign up for the SPG Visa.  This is the best all around Travel credit card there is.  You will get 10k after your first purchase and an additional 15k bonus for spending 15k in six months (plus the 15k you earn for spending it). No Annual Fee first year.  If you and your travel partner both sign up and meet the spend requirement you'll have 80K in SPG points.  You can stay at some great resorts for only 10 - 12k points a night.  If you stay 4 nights the 5th night is free.  So for your 80k you could get 10 free nights.   SPG also allows you to transfer your pts to over 30 airlines.  Many of them offer 1:1 transfer rate plus a bonus 5,000 pts for every 20k you transfer.  Therefore you could transfer your 40k for an additional 50k AA miles if you choose.

SPG Personal Visa
SPG Business Visa

3.  Ebates.  Ebates pays you cash for shopping at the stores you already shop at like Borders, Barnes and Nobles, Walmart, Expedia, Princeline, Old Navy, Victoria's Secret, etc.  Just by logging onto ebates and using their link to make your purchase ebates will cut you a check for a % of your purchase (e.g. Borders gives you 4%, Old Navy gives you 10%).  By using my link below you'll get $5 bonus after your first purchase.  I put my ebates checks into a separate savings account that I save for spending money when I travel.  If you need to make a spend requirement for a particular credit card you can buy American Express gift cards off of Ebates and you'll get 1% back.
Ebates - Get $5 free

If you and your travel partner do what I have described above you should be on your way to a free trip to Euro.  

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