Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vegas Baby!

Who doesn't love Vegas?  One of the greatest things about Vegas, is you can spend days there not spending any money just enjoying all the free sites (Bellagio gardens, Bellagio Fountains, Treasure Island Sirens show, Fredmont Experience, Circus acts at Circus Circus, the penguins at the Flamingo and the list goes on).  Well here is a tip of how to get there free.  Southwest is offering a 16 credits (enough for a free flight) and up to $500 gift cards for signing up for their credit card and spending 5K in the first 3 month and the annual fee is waived for the first year.  Southwest offers many flights to Vegas and with16 credits and $500 gift card you can make multiple trips there.

Here is how you can earn your $500 Gift Card.
 *Earn up to $500 in southwestgiftcards in the first three months just by using your card!
-You’ll receive a $100 southwestgiftcard once you have made $1,000 in purchase
-You’ll receive an additional $150 southwestgiftcard once you reach a total of $2,500 in purchases
-Then receive a $250 southwestgiftcard once you’ve made a total of $5,000 in purchases!

In total that is $500 in gift cards!

Here is the link you seek:
Chase Southwest - Free Flight & $500 Gift Card

For hotels, you can always use pts obtained from the SPG visa (See free Euro Post) to book one of their properties right off the strip.  

As for spending money, Ebates is your answer.  Ebates pays you cash for shopping at the stores you already shop at like Borders, Barnes and Nobles, Walmart, Expedia, Princeline, Old Navy, Victoria's Secret, etc.  Just by logging onto ebates and using their link to make your purchase ebates will cut you a check for a % of your purchase (e.g. Borders gives you 4%, Old Navy gives you 10%).  By using my link below you'll get $5 bonus after your first purchase.  I put my ebates checks into a separate savings account that I save for spending money when I travel.  If you need to make a spend requirement for a particular credit card you can buy American Express gift cards off of Ebates and you'll get 1% back.
Ebates - Get $5 free


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